With Tax Season in Full Swing, Should You Consider Filing a Tax Extension?

There are benefits to filing for a tax extension, and there is no cost or penalty for doing so. An extension allows you to have up to six additional months to finish your tax return filing. But those aren't the only benefits! Filing a Tax Extension Benefits Are you a business partnership with complicated tax returns? Filing for an extension... read more »

Getting the Help You Need To File Your 2021 Business Tax Returns

Are you a small business filing your 2021 federal income tax return? Working with a tax professional or accountant can not only help you stay on top of what you need as you file your business taxes but can also help you understand which deductions and credits your business qualifies for:  https://www.irs.gov/businesses/small-businesses-self-employed/business-tax-credits Your Business If you are a sole proprietor... read more »

Goals You Can Set To Help Your Business in the New Year

As a small or mid-size business owner, you are likely joining many others who are setting achievable goals for the coming year. While it's common to set ambitious goals, it is also important to make them realistic so that they don't fizzle out from lack of steam. So be sure to make your resolutions achievable with enough time, energy and... read more »