How the Coronavirus Relief Bill Affects Your Taxes

The American Rescue Plan Act was officially passed in the House and Senate on March 10th. The coronavirus relief bill brings with it some important tax changes you need to know when it comes to filing your 2020 taxes. In particular, how your unemployment benefits, economic impact payments, and student loan debt forgiveness affect your taxes. Let's take a look!... read more »

Check Out These Tax Tips Before Filing Your 2020 Taxes This Year!

Tax filing season is upon us, and many people find that filing their taxes is highly stressful, wondering if they will get a refund this year or be paying taxes. If you are among those, rest assured, you are not alone. Like many taxpayers this year, you may have stimulus payments, unemployment income, and PPP loans to consider when filing... read more »

Thinking about Incorporating Your Business Out of State? Check out Nevada!

When it comes to incorporating a business out of state, did you know that Nevada is considered the number one state to launch your corporation in? It's actually not mandatory to incorporate your business in the state where you live or even conduct your business. This flexibility allows businesses around the country to have options and ultimately do what is... read more »

Advantages to Incorporating Your Business in Nevada

Today I want to talk to you about where most business owners choose to incorporate their businesses. One of the biggest myths out there in the corporate world is that you must incorporate in the state in which you live and conduct business. This is absolutely false. You are free to incorporate in any state you choose, regardless of where... read more »

Tax Strategies To Help You Make the Most of Your Business Before the Year Ends

Many occurrences like this year's pandemic and the election could affect your taxes, investments, and retirements. Now, more than ever, your money and your business must be the highest priority as you navigate the last quarter of this year. Along with these factors and a recession, the country is currently facing a lot of uncertainty. With that said, there are... read more »