Tax Day Is July 15! Have You Filed and Paid Your Taxes?

2020 Tax Day might feel a bit surreal thanks to the coronavirus pandemic, but the Treasury Department (IRS) applied a deadline extension to taxpayers earlier this year. This automatic extension postponed filing your federal tax return deadline to Wednesday, July 15, giving you a reprieve of three extra months where you can file your tax returns and pay any taxes... read more »

Starting business during the recession; people sitting in lobby working together

Is the Current Recession a Good Time to Start Your New Business?

Did you know that during and after the Great Depression and the 2008 meltdown, many businesses not only benefited but were highly successful starting up their new business? If you have been wanting to start up your own business venture, this may be a great time to get and make deals as opposed to during a stronger economy. One might... read more »

Now Is the Time to Protect Your Assets With a Living Trust and an Asset Protection Trust for a More Stable Future for Your Loved Ones

With a global pandemic facing every American today, now more than ever, you need to consider things you may have pushed off to a later date. It includes protecting your hard-earned assets for yourself and your beneficiaries. Doing so keeps your assets from evaporating by creditors, divorce and even predatory claims. Our Corporate Capital professionals encourage everyone to have a... read more »

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2019 Tax Filings Extended to July 15 Due to COVID-19 Outbreak

While the world is facing a pandemic, you are facing the same challenges at home. The last challenge you need is filing your taxes on time. As the IRS provides time relief to taxpayers, we want to offer our accounting and tax services to help you during these difficult times. It is important to us that our clients file taxes... read more »

Four Things to Focus On for the 2020 Tax Season

If you are itching to get started on filing your taxes for 2020, be sure you are prepared when you sit down and get to work. Having what you need at your fingertips will help the process go smoothly, faster and without mistakes that could lead to delaying your return or being audited later. By organizing your records, you'll be... read more »

Now Is the Time to Separate Your Personal and Business Expenses!

Are you ready to make some simple changes to help you manage your taxes and grow your business? There are a few things you can implement that can make a big difference in your business success (and streamlining the tax filing process) and ultimately make your life that much easier. Look around! It is 2019, and we have every resource... read more »

Tax Planning Considerations as a Business Owner Today

To maximize your profits – which, let’s face it, is exactly why we own our own businesses – you need to make sure your company has the expertise and resources to manage your business effectively. Because the tax code changes every... single... year, it is imperative to have a team that spends the time and understands these common changes. Since... read more »