Filing for a Nonprofit

According to the NCCS, there are over 1.5 million nonprofit organizations in the United States. And that’s because so many of us today care about making a change in the world, and that's what a nonprofit entity is designed for. By launching a nonprofit, you form an organization that's meant... Read more »

You’re Being Audited

For business owners, ‘YOU’RE BEING AUDITED’ is a scary subject to read. It's the worst-case scenario, and something none of us want to experience. Moreover, we’re led to believe that getting audited is the end of a loss, not the beginning of an investigation. There’s just so much false information... Read more »

Are You Making the $1 Billion Mistake?

Each year, 2.2 million Americans overpay on their income taxes to the tune of nearly $1 billion. Many make this mistake because they don't understand how their business structure will impact their taxes. They incorporated at the beginning at the advice of some lawyer or accountant, and never thought twice... Read more »

Are You Protected?

When you start a business, you take a pretty big risk, and at the end of the day, more businesses will fail than those that’ll succeed. But when you’re starting a business, you should never have to worry about risking your personal assets too. Believe it or not, you can... Read more »

2.2 Million Americans Overpay on Their Income Taxes to the Tune of Nearly $1 Billion.

This free video provides tips and strategies to put this money back in your pocket. Corporate Capital Presents Tax Strategies and Common Small Business Tax Mistakes FREE WEBINAR Call today to discuss your tax liability, and how your corporate structure can save you money. 855-316-4425 Things to think about: Is... Read more »