Hire a Professional to File Your Taxes This Year for a Better Return

2019 is officially here, and with it, the 2018 tax season along with its new tax laws and regulations is right on its heels. Every year taxpayers deal with the decision of how to file their tax returns, and while most are done via computer and e-filing of returns, a large chunk... Read more »

Is Your Business Ready for the New Tax Laws That Have Passed?

This month's blog continues where November's left off; we're still talking about the tax overhaul that took effect on January 2018, which the Senate, the House of Representatives, and the President agreed upon, only this month we're covering the changes that might affect your business. Just to be clear, the... Read more »

Are You Ready for the New Tax Laws Taking Effect?

  As you already know by now, there have been comprehensive changes made overhauling our tax system with our current Administration. In fact, our three branches of government have come together and formed an agreement for a new tax plan that will take effect, January 1, 2018. But don't worry,... Read more »

Maintain Meeting Minutes and Resolutions for Compliance

  At Corporate Capital, we are pleased to offer our clients an advanced corporate compliance program that assists you in maintaining your corporate standing. Whether you are incorporated in the state of Nevada, Wyoming, Delaware or your home state you should know that it requires a list of ongoing basics... Read more »

What Can a Payroll Management System Offer Your Business?

  As a business owner, your time is invaluable, and at Corporate Capital, we recognize this. That's why we help businesses with their bookkeeping and accounting needs. This allows you to invest your energy into your business without worrying about crunching the day-to-day numbers. But that's not all. As part... Read more »

Why Is Privacy Important to Your Business?

  If you are a business owner today, now more than ever you need to know how to operate your business while protecting your company's privacy. Managing business operations through a network of computers can put your business at risk if privacy is violated. A loss of privacy and security... Read more »

Having a Virtual Office Can Be a Boon If You Are Incorporating Your Business out of State

  If you are starting a business, you can incorporate in your state or any other state of your choosing. At Corporate Capital, we highly recommend incorporating in Nevada as it is a well-known business-friendly state, including protecting assets and treating corporations favorably when it comes to taxes. In fact, Nevada... Read more »

At Corporate Capital, We Know How Important Building Business Credit Is for Your Company

  As an economic resource, business assets are a vital part of your business that helps keep your company running. They can help when revenue is lean or help with potential expansion. Tangible assets are things like buildings, real estate, machinery, office equipment and vehicles that are used for the... Read more »

How Corporate Capital, Inc. Can Help Advance Your Business’s Estate Planning

  Are you looking down the road and planning your business's future? If so, you will want to plan not just for your lifetime, or as the leader of your business, but beyond this timeframe. Should the unplanned and unexpected happen, such as disability or death, with the help of... Read more »

Planning for the Future of Your Company

  Often, when individuals begin to start a company or are looking to incorporate, they tend to only set up a future plan at the beginning. However, if there is one constant in business, it is change. It is important to always be aware of change and to always be... Read more »