Why You Should Consider a Virtual Office

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One of the major benefits of having a virtual office out of state is communication with vendors, partners, and government agencies in the remote area without the typical costs of running an office. If you’ve incorporated out of state, we recommend running a virtual office — and we can help! Here are some of the solutions we offer to our clients thinking of opening a virtual office in Las Vegas, Nevada:


  • A legitimate physical presence in Nevada. This address will allow your corporation to receive packages, mail, tax information, and important legal notices. We will forward these things to the address you provide.
  • A physical conference room for clients. Conference rooms we provide have Internet, email, computer, telephone, and fax amenities available for our clients.
  • A corporate phone number. We will list your corporate phone number in local Las Vegas directories under your corporate name. A 24/7 voicemail box will greet your customers and record all the messages they leave for you.
  • A fax number. We will forward any faxes you receive to your personal fax number.


At Corporate Capital, we are ready to help you set up a virtual office for easier non-local communication. We’ll help you establish and run your virtual office so you can keep doing business. Call our office for business management in Las Vegas, Nevada, now at 855-371-0070 to speak with us about running a virtual office.