Why Incorporate in Nevada?

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Some business owners are not aware that they can incorporate their business in the state of their choice. This even applies if the business owner does not live in the state in question. It is important to note that not all state business laws are created equal. The laws in some states are more beneficial for businesses than others. One of the most popular states to seek incorporation with is Nevada. Why is that, you may ask?

There are many advantages to incorporating a business in Nevada. In the Silver State, there is no personal or corporate income tax, even for a business that operates out of the state. There are also no corporate shares or taxes. In addition, there is only a minimal tax for employer payroll. If you are a business owner incorporated in Nevada, tax returns are only paid to the federal government. This saves business owners an average of 20%.

Nevada has a business court that reduces the risk, cost, and time of commercial litigation. Another benefit of incorporating in Nevada is that Corporations and LLC owners cannot be held liable in a lawsuit. In addition, Nevada has a charging order protection preventing anyone from receiving any money from the corporation or LLC if they file a lawsuit.

Even if you have already incorporated your company in a different state, we encourage you to incorporate or form an LLC in Nevada. Corporate Capital can help you accomplish this in a few days. We can aid you in dissolving your current entity and becoming a Nevada corporation or LLC.

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