How Corporate Capital, Inc. Can Help Advance Your Business’s Estate Planning

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Are you looking down the road and planning your business’s future? If so, you will want to plan not just for your lifetime, or as the leader of your business, but beyond this timeframe. Should the unplanned and unexpected happen, such as disability or death, with the help of estate planning, you will have set safeguards into motion so the business will continue to function as it is passed on to your successor.

Our No. 1 goal at Corporate Capital, Inc. is for you, as a business owner, to succeed. Our specialty lies in creating corporations and LLCs nationwide in all 50 states with a particular focus on Nevada and Wyoming. To help facilitate this goal, we provide professional bookkeeping services and accounting services, while keeping meticulous records to help your business make those vital financial decisions.

We help your business build corporate credit so that you will have the financial capital needed to grow as well as to expand. We help with tax preparation and planning for personal and corporate clients. We write trusts to help you protect your business assets.

When it comes to estate planning, with this service in place you can rest assured that your business will be planned out and divided the way you intend it to be. We have experience in helping your business grow and succeed, even when you are not personally at the helm.

So what essential services do we perform to facilitate an estate plan for your business? We have a nominee service which takes your employer identification number so we can register as your business’s:

– President
– Director
– Treasurer
– Secretary

This ensures that your name will not be listed on public records as an officer of your corporation. We also create a living trust (or revocable living trust) so we can smoothly transfer your assets while making sure the financial estate specifics are kept confidential.

We also offer limited liability limited partnership or LLLP. This service protects your partners from liability should the partnership be faced with a lawsuit. This protects the assets – as a legal barrier – from being taken if there is a judgment. It doesn’t matter if the lawsuit arises inside the company or if it attaches a partner.

As you can see, owning your own business takes a lot of time and energy and resources, and we are here to help your business thrive. We are happy to provide these essential services for business owners so that you can focus on growing your business, all the while knowing that your business is in good hands.

So if you would like to plan for your corporation’s future, we encourage you to call Corporate Capital at 855-371-0070 today. We will create a personalized business plan for your company, beginning with a free consultation. You will have the opportunity to talk with our financial experts to help you devise a solution that is best for you. Our goal is to help provide you with the resources and quality care your business deserves. So give us a call today!