For Out-Of-State Clients, We Can Help You Obtain a Virtual Office

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virtual office

For out-of-state business, it comes as no surprise that you should always set up and establish a virtual office. By doing so, you can enjoy greater lines of communication between all parties concerning your business, including the corporation, third party vendors, and government offices in each state. With a virtual office, you can enjoy the perks and advantages of having an on-site office in an area without physically moving your business to the area.

With Corporate Capital, our highly trained team will help you establish a virtual office at your request if you would like to run your business from out of state. Benefits of this service include the following features:

– You can establish a legitimate physical presence in the state.
– You will have a corporate address to use to receive articles and information for the business to, including notices from the Secretary of State. These can all be forwarded to the address of your choosing.
– The benefit of a corporate phone number in the Las Vegas phone directory will be under your full use and corporate name.
– An additional fax number will be established for your corporation. All faxes received can be forwarded on to your personal fax number as well.
– We will establish a conference room complete with amenities such as a computer, fax, internet, telephone, and emails to be available for our clients.

As your business grows, so too should your resources for expanding it. If you are seriously interested in the prospects of a virtual office, call us now at 855-371-0070. Let Corporate Capital help you make your business flourish with the attention to detail it deserves!